Take a tour around The Grange Therapeutic School

Find out how The Grange Therapeutic School successfully transforms the lives of children & young people with it’s exceptional approach to education.

Each pupil has their own curriculum, centred around both indoor and outdoor activities they enjoy – to ensure they renew their interest in learning. Experienced teachers ensure the boys take advantage of the school’s spectacular rural environment which has its own carp lake, as well as riding and water sports activities nearby.

Take a look around the Lower School at The Grange

Find out about the special Nurture Curriculum at the lower school of The Grange Therapeutic School – to encourage disillusioned primary children to reconnect with school. The head of the Lower School Katherine McKenna explains how she teaches children to “fall back in love with education”.

Boarding at The Grange Therapeutic School

Take a look inside the two refurbished top-quality boarding houses at The Grange.

‘The Spinney’ and ‘The Manor’ offer  welcoming, friendly weekday boarding houses for pupils Find out why weekly boarding here produces so many excellent educational outcomes for boys who’ve had difficulties at previous schools.  Judy Haslam, the head of care, takes you on a two minute tour to see the facilities for yourself.

The Grange Therapeutic School worked for my son

Troy & his Mum talk about their own family’s experiences of securing a place at the successful Grange Therapeutic School.

The Grange offers places to pupils with a range of emotional, social and other needs and has a special approach to education, both inside and outside the classroom.  The family hope other parents of disillusioned or troubled youngsters will understand that success is within reach.

The Grange Therapeutic School: Robbie's View

Meet 12 year old Robbie who talks about being a pupil at The Grange Therapeutic School and the impact it has had on him and his family.  Robbie talks about why the approach has worked so well for him, and explains the weekly boarding routine.