Red Nose Day 2017

As part of our ongoing support for charities at The Grange boys and staff from Main and Lower School participated in a fundraiser for Red Nose Day on Friday 24th March. Everyone was asked to wear red clothing for the day and a raffle and cake stall was organised by the Teaching Assistant team at the Main School. As usual everyone entered in to the spirit of the event, bought cakes and raffle tickets, wore their red noses with pride.

Throughout the day over at the Lower School the boys took part in the fantastic ‘Spiderman Vs Iron Man Vs Red Power Ranger’ battle. The pupils were in teams having fun and lots of laughs throughout the day.

Battle one – the marshmallow eating competition (it was a lot harder than it looked!)

Battles two and three – the red flag quiz, hosted by our fabulous TA Debbie

Battle four – races (including balance races)

Battle five – ‘Splosh the Teacher’ – a firm favourite especially as the winning team got to completely soak the losing team captain (we had a very soggy Red Power Ranger!).

After five tough battle rounds, which included an exciting tie breaker for the quiz, we had our winners: Team ‘Iron Man’ were victorious!!

The battles were followed by an afternoon of Red Nose crafts, Red Nose cooking and watching Spiderman in the cinema room.

As a collective we raised a staggering amount of £415.60! This amount has surpassed all our previous Red Nose Day events which is testament to the kind hearted and thoughtful approach from the boys and staff at The Grange. Many thanks to everyone involved.