Forest School students earn Woodland Trust Silver Award

This spring the pupils of the Grange Therapeutic School achieved the Silver Award on the Woodland Trust’s Green Tree Schools programme.  This was in recognition of the work they’ve put in and the enjoyment they’ve had in the outdoors.

Students began the year with a recycling project where classes competed to collect the most Christmas cards from family and friends.  Students also created posters to raise awareness of recycling around the school.  The winning classes enjoyed roasted marshmallows over the fire!

The next project was to describe their experiences in the woodlands using “words and images”.  Students created drawings of woodland animals seen around the school site such as ducks, swans, and red kites.  Their work was commended by a Woodland Trust representative, saying “We think you have some budding artists there!”

These projects are just a small part of the activities that boys are taking part in around our beautiful site.  This spring they have also identified types of fungus, cooked bread over the fire, and planted birch tree saplings on the path to the lakes.

Congratulations again to our creative and hard-working pupils here at The Grange!