A stunning country setting with a
holistic and therapeutic approach
in its teaching and environment.

The Spinney

38 week residential care of our pupils is provided across two residential houses, both in the village of Knossington. The Spinney is for our younger pupils, although some pupils may continue to be cared for at the house as they progress through the school if it is felt they are best placed there. Facilities at The Spinney have been extended to provide additional bedrooms, an outdoor hard play area and a large refurbished playroom.


The Manor

The Manor is close to the main school building and has benefitted from refurbished bedrooms and bathroom. Both are large attractive family houses separate from the school buildings, with their own gardens. The houses provide a very high standard of living accommodation, a homely atmosphere and opportunities for the pupils to engage in a wide variety of activities that support the 24 hour curriculum.



Our two beautiful school houses provide residential care for up to 16 children. The older boys stay in The Manor, which is right on the school doorstep, and the young ones live in The Spinney; just a five-minute walk from school in the heart of the quiet village of Knossington. The children live with us during the week and then travel home on a Friday before returning on a Sunday evening. Our care team work very closely with school staff to ensure there is consistency of care, but we make sure that home feels like home and not an extension of the classroom.

Home Life

Of an evening you’ll often find the boys getting dinner ready, helping out with the chores and sitting round the kitchen table doing their homework – just like any other family. We have very clear boundaries and house rules, which we know give the children the sense of security they need. Children contribute to every aspect of family life, and through regular house meetings they can offer ideas and suggestions to make improve the home. Whatever their requests, be it to repaint the bedrooms or put more jelly and ice cream on the menu, we always listen and make every effort to respond.


Within these large residential houses, each child has their own bedroom, which they love to decorate themselves. We have huge living rooms and playrooms, with plenty of toys and games for the children to enjoy. Outside we are fortunate to have not only large gardens, but also a hard surface for them to play on and access to woodland where we have built a bike track. We have also converted the garage areas into outdoor games rooms. All the children who stay with us have an opportunity to try a range of afterschool activities, such as skateboarding, swimming or bowling.

Our Team

We have a close knit residential team who make sure our children are well cared for, happy and safe on a day-to-day basis. From the moment a child is referred to our residential team they make personal contact to ensure their transition into the house is smooth as possible. We find that the children who stay with us are remarkably understanding and welcoming when new additions join our family.


“Outcomes for residential pupils at this school are outstanding. The residential pupils make exceptional progress, especially with regards to their confidence, maturity, personal hygiene, independence skills and behaviour.” Ofsted 2015

Boarding at The Grange Therapeutic School

Take a look inside the two refurbished top-quality boarding houses at The Grange.

‘The Spinney’ and ‘The Manor’ offer  welcoming, friendly weekday boarding houses for pupils Find out why weekly boarding here produces so many excellent educational outcomes for boys who’ve had difficulties at previous schools.  Judy Haslam, the head of care, takes you on a two minute tour to see the facilities for yourself.